How would seller community help me in promoting my business?

I am new to this seller community , and want to learn more about how this community will come out best for my business and production. Currently, I am running an online business of pure Damascus knives , selling specifically for United States. 

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Hey @Sandra09!


Welcome to Square


The Seller Community will offer you a place to engage with other sellers, get advice, find answers to support related questions, share your site, participate in Q&A's, etc. 


I'm going to tag our Super Sellers so perhaps they can offer some perspective on how the Seller Community has helped them: @Pesso @Ravenssong69 @shopfybr @LocavoreStore @londontea @HC_Charlie @alexandriak @ryanwanner  @GourmetOnWheels @VanKalkerFarms @homeprogreen @jjgard

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Welcome. The seller community isn’t really about promoting your own business although there are threads about what other businesses are doing to promote their business. The community is a great resource to take a problem that you’re having with square and getting a quick real world solution or work around. We all use square everyday in our businesses so between everyone in the community there isn’t very many issues that we haven’t already ran into and solved. Since we’re actual users we tend to have more experience with the different aspects of the square platform then the regular help desk

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Where can I find a thread about what others are doing to promote their business?

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Hi there, welcome to the Square Seller Community! Is your current site hosted by Square? It looks like you might be using WooCommerce right now? @homeprogreen is correct, we are a great team for technical questions. We also sometime share our experiences as business owners. The first thing I would suggest to you is make sure your website (whoever is hosting it) is current with your correct contact info. If you check your current contact info it still contains placeholder text like "123 Anytown" etc. If you're looking to make new business contacts make sure your customers know how to get in touch with you. I've found that even by building a new website, it doesn't guarantee visitors and sales. I could see your product doing very well at Renaissance Faire and other expos. Doing some in-person shows would increase your exposure and future website orders.


Good luck and wish you the best!

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