I want to create an Android app to sale pickup products


I'm building an android app to sale products of my client and I want to know if my specs are possible:


1. My app will show a list of the current products added in the account of my client


2. The products in my app will show an image but in the other devices like Square Register  will only show text abbreviations.


3. My app will allow buy products to "pickup" in the store


3. In general the proccess will be the following:

    3.1. First the user choose the products and enter comments per product(ex. hamburger without cheesse)

    3.2. Then the user confirm those products in my shopping cart

    3.3 After that the user enter his credit card information and my app proccess the payment  using " In-App Payments SDK"

    3.4 Then in the backend i'll create the order using "orders API"

    3.5 Then i'll register payment for the order with the "payment API"

    3.6 Finally my app receives confirmation that all was done successfully and it will shows a confimation page with a order id or confirmation id


4. A very important spec is the order show be automatically printed with all the comments (see #3.1) in the Receipt printer of my client

I want to know what points are possible?


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Sorry for the delayed reply here @jose_desa! I had to check in with someone from our API team for some assistance.


1) You would want to use the Catalog API.


2) You would still use Catalog API and retrieve the image.


3) It sounds like you've got a good understanding of what to use! You'd need to build out the app yourself (ie 3.1 and 3.2 would all be on your end, not Square).


3.6) Our webhook will let you know if an order was paid, and then it would be up to you to create the confirmation page with the data we provide.


4) If you create an order (like you mentioned in 3.4) using order fulfillment, you can push it to the basic POS application and then print the order out.


I hope this helps you out a bit! If you have questions, feel free to reach back out. 

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