Import from Square to QuickBooks: Best Choice

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I assist a non-profit charitable thrift shop with their computer and the Square system. The Square works well. I am interested in assisting them to import the data from Square into their QuickBooks software on the shop's PC. I notice that there are several different packages in the Apps section that apparently do this. 


Does anyone have recommendations as to the best app for this?  The shop has a lot of small transactions and a well functioning app to do the importation of data would be a huge help.


Thank you very much for any recommendations. 


Bob Harris

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Re: Import from Square to QuickBooks: Best Choice

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Hi there. 


Quickbooks is one of our most popular app integrations that sellers use for reporting. 


Which integration works best for you really depends on what type of reporting you want and also the style of business that you're running. 


I'll leave the advice and suggestions to your fellow business experts, but if you have any specific questions about individual integrations, I can help as best as I can. I recommend reaching out to each of the partnership integrations directly as well. 


Hopefully one of your fellow Square sellers can chime in and help out. 

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