Importing Items from Squarespace to Square - Issues with duplicates

Having issues importing csv file with items from old Squarespace site into our new Square site. 


Squarespace duplicates item variations and Square's system creates multiple instances of the same item since it cannot understand that they are the same product but have different color, size options.


Is there a fix to this or a tool we can use to export items from Squarespace into Square online?


Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm not familiar with how Squarespace exports their csv for inventory, but you should be able to rename the columns so that it matches what Square expects for it's import. You can do a lot of the work in the spreadsheet before uploading so you don't get duplicate items in Square. 

The main thing to note is that Square only has one level of Item > Variation. So you can do a variation set for sizes OR color, but it doesn't really handle both at the same time. 

We handle that by making our item name something like "Red Shirt" and variations for the sizes. Then another item for "Blue Shirt" that has variations for size. 

In your csv, just make sure that the Item Name is the same for all variations and it shouldn't duplicate. 


If you need more help and are willing to share it, I can take a look at the csv file with you (or an example one that you've got from Squarespace). 


Hope that helps!


Andrea with Kei Collective - an artist collective with a shop in Phoenix, AZ

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