Interview w Empanada Harry’s: Connecting with the Miami Community and growing with Square

Empanada Harry's  


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Empanada Harry's was opened in 2017 in Miami, FL by Michelle and Harry Coleman. It is mom-and-pop empanada shop that excels with classic flavors, while also embracing the diversity of Miami.

Over the last 5 years, Empanada Harry's has become a community staple, singularly focused on building relationships with its customers.


“I’m always here and I get to know you and I ask how you like your coffee,” Michelle said. “I can probably make everybody’s coffee that walks in here Monday through Friday in the morning without even asking them. Seeing them come in with their kids, seeing their kids grow. We’re really part of the community as well, we do work and live in the same community, so we get to see people and it’s just that connection that we have with people is amazing.”

How Square Has Helped Grow The Business

Harry says that customer relationships have been improved through the use of their reward system. After 10 visits, reward customers are able to get a free empanada.


Empanada Harry's has utilized Square Standrestaurant POSSquare loans and more to help grow their business.



Read the full interview with Empanada Harry’s here. After you have read the interview we want to hear from you! How does your business prioritize your local community? How do you utilize your Square tools? Reply below to help other sellers learn from your experience. 




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