Invoice reminder(s) canceled and the associated invoice is still sent to the client.

When I cancel a reminder, I would like the invoice associated with that invoice canceled too.  I have been canceling the reminder(s) and then, the invoice and/or next reminder is sent to the client.


I would like an option to cancel the reminder only or all reminders / invoices that are associated with the first cancellation.

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Hey @Ironmandan 


I'm a bit lost on your question, but I'll try to do my best here.  An invoice can only be canceled by physically canceling the invoice, canceling a reminder for that invoice itself won't cancel the invoice.


You can turn off reminders completely for you invoice template by doing the following though

From your Dashboard 

Invoices>Settings>Invoices>Invoice Template Used>Edit>Scroll down to the Share section and click reminders, and toggle them off (see screenshot below)

Screenshot 2021-10-14 5.40.10 AM.png

Hope that helps a bit.

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