Invoice set up

I am unable to modify the Invoice Set up. The current invoices will not show payment options that are in the invoice settings. I would also like to modify the layout as they currently do not look very professional.  Can anyone advise how can I get the information in the setting to show on the invoices & how to modify the layout?

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Re: Invoice set up

Hey @Maree,


Thanks for reaching out!


By default Square invoices email your customer a payment link, that they can click on to make a payment via a secure online payment portal. Invoices can be paid here by customers via Visa, MasterCard or Amex. You can also record outside payments via invoices, if your customer pays via a non-Square payment - eg an external bank transfer, or cash.


While can't look into your account specifics via our Seller Community forum, if you give our support team a call on 1800 760 137 they'll be able to take a better look into how things are set up and see if there's anything that can be tweaked on your account to get the sort of information you're looking for on to your invoices!


We're not able to change the way invoices look, but are happy to take on any feedback you may have - if you can post a screenshot of how invoices are appearing for you, and the sorts of things you'd like to change, I'd be happy to pass on this feedback to our product development team!

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