Is it possible to have a joint agenda from different service locations, but customers see the inform

I am a manual therapist and I work in different places. Is it possible to offer my services in different places and that they share the same agenda? Since I cannot offer treatment in 2 places at the same time of course. So clients would choose the city where they want to make an appointment and from there would see the availability only of that place while on my side everything would be gathered in one and the same agenda. If this is possible, what should be done? Or would the best way be to create multiple employees? Thank you

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I took a look into this a bit further - if you have multiple locations set up on Square and via Appointments, it seems that the same time-slot won't be available for the staff member if they are already pre-booked at a different location. My test account only has one staff member (me), so if it's just you I think it would work the same way.


I would try this:



Your request reminds me a little of some issues @BodyHarmony saw in this thread. They don't seem exactly the same scenario, but you might be able to find some further insight there, or @BodyHarmony may be able to offer some advice based on their experiences!

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