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Love my Square POS that I use with my iPad, stand, bar code scanner, printer. I do most of my sales in person at festivals. I wanted to expand to online sales so got the free Weebly online store.

  • Hated the free Weebly online store, so I got rid of it.

Got a Squarespace website + e-commerce store. Love my Squarespace website.

  • Turns out I can't use the Squarespace e-commerce store because it doesn't have the sales tax functionality I need even though I can process $$ through Square.


Need a new e-commerce store that will allow me the sales tax functionality Square provides.

  • What is my best choice?
  • It needs to be easy and import .csv file cause I just don't have time to manually input everything., show season is starting and I am making product daily.

And Squarespace renews early February, so I need to get moving on this.


Thanks for your input!!



Lisa D
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We are in the process of making a sweet Square-powered website (we're an official Square Partner), but since it sounds like you need something asap - how about a mobile app? 


We already have an affordable Square-powered Mobile App Service that's way better than any website that has the sales tax feature built in and pulls from your Square Account automatically.


And, it also pulls all your products - so if your products are already in Square then you won't have to do anything. Or you can simply import your products into your Square Account, which will display them instantly in the App. 


Our Clients use our Apps for festivals all the time. We have Events features built in and all kinds of cool stuff. Here are some screenshots of our Square App:




And, it's super affordable too. We can get you in the App Stores in 48-72 hours.


- Ken

GetPreOrder.com, Official Square Partner - Create a $250K custom SuperSite for Square free. https://getpreorder.com/supersites
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