New Request Deposit & Square Dashboard functionality


I am making this post in hopes that others will have the same irk that I have with the recent updates to the Square Dashboard and Request Deposit/Invoicing upgrades they have done.


First, when I log into the Dashboard, there are now two steps to select the function you want, whereas before you clicked "Invoice" and then you could have clicked what function you wanted on the top toolbar.  Now it's two or three menus before you get to what you want.


Second, with the new Invoicing system - Before, when I opened an Invoice on the Square Register, and "Take Payment", it would open the cash drawer and record it as a cash payment with the Change Due on the screen.  Now, I take a cash payment and it does not open the drawer, and does not record it in the cash sales, nor does it calculate the change required (fortunately, I can do that, but I know there are many who cannot).


Third, with "Request Deposit" Invoice, I can no longer select that Deposit Invoice and Take Payment on it.


I'm sorry, but this recent round of "upgrades" has left a very bad taste in my mouth, and has left me standing in front of my customers who are in a hurry while I'm fighting with the system to do what it should instinctually do.


Please do not "upgrade" for "upgrade sake" - if you have a function you want to add, please keep the surrounding functions as-is.  When Square launched the Beta versions of some of these features, they were great!  Now that they've released the final versions, they have become a hassle to deal with.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: New Request Deposit & Square Dashboard functionality

Hi @WhimPig - Thanks for leaving this detailed feedback about the new functionality in Invoices. I'm also tagging @Howard who is on our beta team and might have some more insight into how to best use this functionality right now. He also is collecting feedback like yours so I'm sure it's helpful. 


I know the Invoices team was working on the Request Deposit functionality for a while, so we really appreciate sharing your thoughts about it. Was there something in particular (other than the differences you noted above) that you liked more about the beta version? Was it just because it was simpler? 

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