Online Orders - Export & Filter Options, Unfulfilled Items

We just switched over to the square online store from Wix and I find the filter and export options for order information lacking. Does Square have any plans to improve this feature? Am I overlooking something?


On the Weebly platform, I see where I can export orders to a .csv file, but it only appears to let you filter the export file by order date and not order status. The sheet that is then exported contains all open and closed orders in a single table format that is not easy to filter in excel without manipulating the data. If you could add order status to individual items instead of just the main order line it would be super quick for me to get the information I need.


On the square dashboard, I see where I can filter by order status and type, but there is no option to see how many of XYZ items are unfulfilled. I look at item sales reports and transaction exports to see if there was an easier way to find this information, but those reports don't appear to have a column indicating order status.


We occasionally run an unfulfilled order report to verify our inventory is still accurate (on-site inventory - unfulfilled inventory = remaining inventory to sell). Just finding it difficult to quickly and easily pull this information.


Have any excel wizards out there that found a quick way to filter through the Weebly table export as currently formatted to identify all unfulfilled items?

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Re: Online Orders - Export & Filter Options, Unfulfilled Items

Hey @Heather_H,


I reached out to the Weebly team and they confirmed that these would be feature requests. 


Date is the only option with exporting as of right now but you can filter the CSV in a spreadsheet program after the fact. Then export it again to just have a CSV of what you want if that makes sense. 

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Re: Online Orders - Export & Filter Options, Unfulfilled Items

That's part of the issue. The way the information is presented in the .csv file the order status and customer information are on a different line than the individual items in that order. If I filter the table in excel by order status it's only going to show me the lines with customer information because the order status is only listed on those lines. I can't see the items that are part of that order without doing additional manipulation to the table that is time-consuming and prone to errors. If the order status were listed on all rows (with the customer information AND individual items in each order) then I could filter easily but that is not the case. That small change alone would make it so much easier to manipulate the table in excel to pull the information I need for our orders.


If your team knows of a different way to filter the table in a program like excel to quickly pull this information I'm all ears.

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Re: Online Orders - Export & Filter Options, Unfulfilled Items

I'll also add if we only had a few orders each day this wouldn't be a big deal, but with all of our ordering online it's a lot of orders and data to filter through. I would love to see this update sooner rather than later if it's feasible or a suggested workaround on how to manipulate the .csv data quickly and efficiently in a third party program.

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