Online Scheduled Orders not printing

orders that are entered by our customers outside of our business hours but scheduled later (during biz hrs) are not printing.

@ryanwanner You were such a help last time, I'm pestering you again. Order today entered by customer at 8 am, for 11:30 pickup...never printed. hence the great scramble commences when they arrive. I had to reinstall the app if you recall, is there a tab i missed? Accept automatically is ON

Allow scheduled...is On

15 minutes is time frame for pickup

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Re: Online Scheduled Orders not printing

@TheRidge Helen here from the Community team. Hopefully @ryanwanner can jump in to help too but if you reinstalled the app you might need to re-enable your printer settings for remote orders:


From the Point of Sale app on your iPad: 

  1. Navigate to Settings > tap Remote Orders.
  2. Toggle Print New Remote Orders on.
  3. Tap Printers and select your connected printer.
  4. Turn Order Tickets on and enable the item categories you’d like available for pickup.

If the orders still aren't printing definitely give us a call Monday or reply here so we can escalate this to our team to take a close look! 

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Re: Online Scheduled Orders not printing

Don’t have those options...when tap remote orders only option is automatically print orders. Regarding setting up printers, it’s also just standard settings. 

Should the custom or auto assigned be on? We’re on custom.

all Categories that are on available thru online store & app (PoppinPay) are on. When we go to ipad to check orders, we can only print receipt. Not a kitchen ticket. Lead time is 15 minutes & understood that 15 minutes prior to p/u order would print. 


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Re: Online Scheduled Orders not printing

@TheRidge Have you (re)create a printer station for both your receipt printer and your kitchen printer from your iPad? If you haven't created a printer station for your kitchen printer you will need to do this. From Setings > Printers > tap Create Printer Station > select your kitchen printer and do a print test too if you can. You could also make sure your kitchen printer has paper in it (sorry, just trying to cover all the bases here!)

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Re: Online Scheduled Orders not printing

Yes we have. All work just fine. It’s only scheduled Orders causing the issue. Anything during 11a-8:30p... prints fine. Even scheduled will print if same day. Actually doing one now.


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Re: Online Scheduled Orders not printing

Can you reply here with the details of an scheduled order that didn't print? If you can provide the receipt number/order number, and the date and time the order was scheduled for that would be great. (You can see the order number from the Orders section of your Dashboard - it's a mix of upper and lower case letters.)

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Re: Online Scheduled Orders not printing

I replied with screenshots & volumes of text. Naturally it was to “no-reply” address. Running test order tonight will reply back with details.

i can say it appears that it’s PoppinPay scheduled Orders not printing. But they’re quick to punt it back to Square.

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Scheduled Orders

 Anyone else having an issue with scheduled orders printing? 

Neither PoppinPay or online store will print if scheduled.

Not in prep time window (15 minutes ahead).

only orders that print are during normal hours, picked up ASAP.

thx for any help.

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Re: Scheduled Orders

Hi again @TheRidge. Really sorry that you're still running into this issue! Did you give our CS team a call about this yet? They can escalate this to our engineers for you.


If you don't have time to call I can start an email case for you - just let me know. 

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Re: Scheduled Orders

Wanted to follow up

1) thanks for your help

2) called good conversation but reality is sceheduled orders won’t print. They only show up in order scene. 

3) PoppinPay throws everything back in Square’s lap. 

4) Here are some orders in question:

bSpR thru PP, no print

zXU1 they online store, no print

ARrZ thru PP...CHARGED CUSTOMER TWIICE, 2nd Order got refunded before I could capture number. Not sure if customer entered twice b/c 1 order had 1st order discount, other didn’t.

thanks again

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