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Pick up times not showing online

Hi again,


I think I've asked this before. But here it goes.  I have orders listed to 1 per 15 minutes. This is because I can only do a certain number of items in this time. My question is this.  Before any orders are taken, I can see on my website that all times are available. Every 15 mins from 5pm to 8pm.  

Why is it that after I receive a few orders, some of the available times are no longer available?  For example, I will have 5pm, 5.30, 6pm, 6.15, 7pm all booked.  Customers then can not book 5.15, 5.45, 6.30 or 6.45.  Even though they are available.  I get customers contacting me, I then must create an open ticket manually. Also if a customer wants to change their pick up time to a different time slot, it also creates a problem with online availability.

Is this just the way square software works?  I tried using mobi 2 go integration, but did not like the layout. It also had its limitations in cancelling orders.

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