Printed Tickets -- Unbundle Like Items

Our restaurant crew is having problems from time-to-time catching the quantity of like items is not "1" on kitchen printed tickets. Here's an example...


1 chips and queso

1 steak burrito

2 chicken burrito

1 chicken burrito, light rice 

1 soda

1 tea


The team sometimes misses the "2" next to items such as the "2 chicken burrito" line item above.


Is there a way to "uncouple" like items and have each item print as a separate line item?


Thanks for any help here... and getting this on the development roadmap if it's not a current option. Not having this option is causing a lot of frustration for our team and customers.

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Square Community Moderator

Hello @burrito


Hmmm this one is a tricky one. 


You have the option to print a single item per ticket, but unsure if that would work for you, since I know sometimes you want to be able to see all items of an order together. 


You can test by entering items twice vs entering them using a multiplier. Also, entering a different item between two of the same item could work. 


These are not ideal solutions, but what we could think of as workarounds. 


Let us know if any of those solutions work for you. We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

Community Moderator, Square
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