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Is anyone experiencing issues with their Register? I’ve had a replacement sent to me and it has the exact same issues as the first one. The main display won’t respond when I tap on something especially when I’m entering a pin, or when I’m selecting an option on the left sidebar. 


The customer display indicators don’t light up and the screen flickers.


I've updated, rebooted and factory reset them, but they still have issues.


It's been about a week since they've started a ticket but no answers.

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That’s super strange, @Stingraybot 


Ive never had this myself, or heard of it. 

Could be the power source you’re using? Maybe there’s something up with the outlet / circuit that it’s on, and it’s not supplying consistent power? 

Have you tried another outlet, maybe in a different room of your location? Or at home rather than at the business? 

Are you using a surge protector or an extension cable?


Maybe the power wires are loose and not completely connected?



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I've been testing out the register at home before taking it to our shop. It's plugged directly into the wall.


I was able to get ahold of support and the engineer team said it's "electronic interference".

So I have to take it to the shop and see if it works there.

I feel skeptical about it, but I'm hoping it works.


They're sending me a third unit to see if maybe I got 2 duds.


Their original solution was that I should just switch to a terminal, which doesn't sound like a solution--since the register should just work, ya know?

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Mine is doing this too! Plus its not loading appointments and I end up accidentally overbooking myself! its awful. I had a replacement sent but its still not working properly. I've been waiting for almost 3 weeks for an engineer to look at the appointments app and see what is going wrong. I've still heard NOTHING.....Very Frustrated. I LOVED the register for about 2 months before all this weirdness began....really hopeful they can figure out what's going on! 

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At least they sent you a replacement. I've gotten the run around for 2 months and still no replacement. That said the register is having MAJOR issues. I'm about to walk away from square all together.


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Hello @kulturesalon


Welcome to the Seller Community! I am sorry that it is under these circumstances you are experiencing though. 😔


With regards to your Register, it is covered under a limited warranty for 2 years.  If you have not reached out to our Customer Success phone support team, we recommend starting with them first so that they can tackle all necessary troubleshooting required prior to resorting to warranty. 


I do hope this provides you a starting point. 😊

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I have for sure reached out. We have gone back and forth for 2 months with an "open ticket" 

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Gotcha. I do see there is a current open ticket filed with our Engineering team. Did this start occurring after your Register update? (5.75)


I can assure you from my insight, that the Customer Success Advocate you have been in communication with is doing a great job of following through with your ticket and is actively engaging with the Engineering team.


Though I do realize this is most likely been a poor experience, all involved are still working to find a fix. 😊 I have went ahead and commented on this ticket as well to see if any more info can be relayed.


We do appreciate your patience as well.

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I run an Ipad at one location and the square register system at another. At first the register was pretty snappy and clean where with the Ipad app I had to restart it daily to keep it running correctly. Now after a little over 6 months, even though the register is supposed to automatically restart in the middle of the night, the Square Register will bug out and freeze randomly. I have to restart it to get it to operate correctly, sometimes multiple times, definitely not convenient when you have a line built up. 
Additionally it seems like the Ipad app has more customer interactivity then the register does despite the customer facing display, that's disappointing as well. 

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