Retriving all oders made in the last x minutes, including the open tabs.

Hi, I'm considering building an app for Square to entertain the patrons. However, one of the prerequisites is the ability to query (or get through webhook) the orders made in the last x minutes (say 10 minutes). Is it possible to accomplish this somehow? I've read the docs and it seems that the answer is no, but I'd like to double-check.

Closed tabs would be ok too, but perfectly all tabs, including open ones.


If it's not possible by making a query to the online database, perhaps it would be possible by placing an extension/app on the point of sale? Does square support such things?

Many thanks!

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Hello @ranza. Sorry for the delay, I escalated this to our API team for you. Currently, webhooks returns an entity_id which can be used to RetrievePayments in Connect v1.


With the response they would be able to take the last part of the payment_url for all the payments your retrieve and BatchRetrieveOrders to get each order.


If you have any other questions reply here and I can check back in with the team. 


Seller Community Manager, Square

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