Seller Community Highlights: Week of Jan 7

Hi Seller Community! 


We're trying something new by highlighting conversations we think are interesting or could use your input over the week. We'll add new threads as they come up, but feel free to add any you find particularly helpful or notable in the comments below.


Here are some threads we love this week!


1099-K Forms & Tax Season FAQs


Your First Tax Season


Phishing: A Look Under the Hood of a Phishing Scam for Food Vendors

How long does it take for a manually keyed sale to process?


Loyalty program wisdom

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Pesso Super Seller

Re: Seller Community Highlights: Week of Jan 7

I love that you're doing new weekly highlights! Cool posts can get lost in here, and it's great that you're drawing attention to them!

Can't wait to read through all of these!

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