Selling both retail and wholsale

I have a different tax rate for wholseale items ( to another restaurant) than I do for retail in my bakery.

How do I handle this in Square?


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Hey there, @808Sweetshack


There is a way to apply certain Tax Rates to specific items. 


Go into your Dashboard > Items > Sales Tax. For a tax already created you will see "Apply to Items" in blue on the right. If the tax has not been created, then you can add items before saving. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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No sure if this will help you out, but I sell retail and Wholesale.  My retail sales are taxed at 6% and wholesale is at 0%, once they have verified their state sales tax id number.  So I ring up my normal items and then just delete / remove the sales tax.  The other way we do it is if we get a phone order to make a wholesale purchase.  I create an excel invoice, have an item named Wholesale that the tax rate is 0% in my case and then enter the total amount that wholesaler pays.   Hope this helps.

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