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Square appointments for booking tables?


I'd like to use Square Appointments to allow customers to book tables at our bar.

As an example we have 9 x 6 person tables, 4 x 2 person tables.

We would like to make each table available for a 2 hour slot from 6-8pm and 8-10pm.


Is this kind of configuration possible?

I'm paying for a separate booking system now but it would be awesome to do it all within square.





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Hey @Dirky, thanks for sharing this! There's a hack workaround to set this up - you can have your party sizes as services and the tables as employees. You can read more about how to set this up in our Support Centre.


There are imitations to using this, such as:

  • No feature to set a max cover limit on a per hour or per day basis
  • No feature to show no reservations available for holidays
  • Automatically creating joined tables to accommodate larger parties
  • Limited reservation status (the only status available at the moment is 'No Show')
  • Displaying elapsed time or time remaining for a reservation. 
  • Can only manage reservations through the Appointments section of your Square Dashboard or using the Square Appointments app and not through the Restaurant app.

Additionally, Square Appointments pricing are based on the number of employees so creating tables as employees may not be a great workaround.

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