Square contactless + chip reader issues

I have bought 6 contactless + chip readers for my business and have only ever needed two. Without any warning at all, they stop working which has now forced us to buy 2 additional units as spares 'when' this happens again. I have read the advice about charging for 20 mins and restarting and if that doesnt work to send back to you. However I really dont want a product where I have to continually send back or go to my local retail outlet. I can't run my business this way under a fault that clearly is known but brushed over. Is there any work being to done fix whatever bug this is. I really dont want to have to put another 'back in 1 hour' sign on my business while I go to the retailer and buy another one.

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Couple questions for you, What device are you connecting them to?


If the contactless reader stops working shut it off and you will still be able to swipe cards.  As long as the Square app doesn't think it is connected it will let you swipe.


Have you tried to hard reset the reader?  Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds.  This will reset the reader.  I bet this will solve your problem.

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I'm very sorry for the frustration @Emma1! You certainly shouldn't have to keep buying new readers. When you have a chance I recommend running through these troubleshooting steps.


These steps include making sure your device is compatible with this reader and a hard reset โ€” thank you @RHatch!


Let me know if you're still having trouble. Happy to help!


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