Square now supports scales!

Do you sell items by weight? With the recent decimal quantities update, you can now connect a supported scale to weigh items during the checkout flow on iOS devices and the cost will automatically calculate in the Square app. No more creating individual price points for each incremental weight measurement. Needless to say, we’re very excited about this update and the impact it can have for a lot of Square sellers! ⚖️


Note: At this time, we only support one scale — the Bluetooth connected mG-S8200 NTEP Scale, but we're working to integrate with additional scales in the future! 


Check out our Decimal Quantities FAQs or Support Center article on how to sell items by weight. 


So what do I need to do to get started?


Create Items


The first thing is to set up your items by weight. Scales will not calculate for any unit type — only weight based units. 


  1. Head to your online Square Dashboard.
  2.  > Items > Units
  3. Click Add Unit.
  4. Next, in order to sell an item by weight, make sure to choose a weight measure. You can choose one of the following units: Gram (g), Pound (lbs), or Ounce (oz).
  5. Once you set up the weight unit and precision, head to your Item Library > click Create an Item. Enter the item name, category, details, and make sure to select a unit type for weight. 
  6. Once you’re all set, click Save.


Get Started Purchase Your Scale


To get started, the next step is to purchase the mG-S8200 NTEP Scale


Keep in mind: We’re planning on integrating with additional scales in the future — keep your eye out for updates! 


Connect Your Scale 


To connect a Bluetooth scale to your device:


  1. Make sure your Bluetooth settings on your device are turned on.
  2. To check the connection, open the Square Point of Sale app and tap the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar. Then tap Settings > Scales
  3. Tap the scale you’d like to pair.


Your settings will be automatically saved. If your scale ever becomes disconnected, your Point of Sale app will save your scale settings. 


Note: Bluetooth scales can pair with only one mobile device at a time. To pair your Bluetooth scale with a mobile device, you'll first need to unpair it. 


Unpair Scale


To unpair your scale:


  1. Open the Square Point of Sale app and tap the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar. Then tap Settings > Scales
  2. You’ll see your connected scale — tap Disconnect to unpair.


Learn more about setting up your hardware with the Square app.


Checkout Through the Square App



Scales II.png


Once you’ve created your items and connected a compatible scale, you’re ready to start selling: 


  1. From the Square app, select an item from your library. If the item is variably priced, enter the item price and then the + symbol. 
  2. Enter the weight manually, or place the item on your scale. 
  3. Once the weight is calculated, tap Add
  4. Complete the sale by processing your customer’s payment. 

If the unit type is not compatible with your scale, you’ll need to enter the amount manually. 


Note: These scales are certified for use with the Square Point of Sale app. When using a scale with your business the hardware must be inspected by your state's local Weights and Measures Department, and you must set it up in accordance with local regulations.


As always, thanks so much for reading! Leave comments or ask questions!

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Super Seller

Is it possible that other "unsupported" bluetooth scales work with the Ipad?  
For example I am using omni-directional scanners that are not supported by square with success.

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This post was updated in 2020 to include information about support for all scales in the Brecknell 6700U series.



We wanted to make you aware of a product update we've just posted. Square Point of Sale now supports Brecknell scales on Android devices.


You can now connect the Brecknell 6710U scale (or any models in the Brecknell 6700U series) to your Android phone or tablet to get weight readings automatically and check out your customers faster. We would love for you to give it a try and let us know about your experience!


You can read more about this product update here: Square Point of Sale now supports Brecknell scales on Android devices.

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If you guys could get a variable weight barcode to work than everyone’s problems would be solved.

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@kellyj when will Square for Retail on Square Stand / iPad integrate with the Square bluetooth scale?

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Square Community Moderator

I'm hopping in here for kelly- but good question @policenauts!


I checked with our Product team on this one and it doesn't look like there's anything actively in the works to be able to work with Square for Retail. As of right now, the bluetooth scale can work with just the Square POS app. 


If this changes, we'll report back!

Community Moderator, Square
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Hi, just in case I missed something. I have the square stand and the app. Is there an update yet on a scale that can be plugged in via usb? Is there still only the one Bluetooth scale that works with the iPad in a square stand currently? Also, is there a video or guide on the process using the scale during a checkout? Thanks!

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Hey @JenD17 not yet but we are actively working on this and should have a solution for you soon. Stay tuned! 


Curious - what scale is your business currently using?

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I apologize for the delay in response, I didn't realize you had responded. We use the Tor Rey L-EQ bluetooth scale. 

So under what conditions can you use your new usb connected scale? I looked at the scale and under compatibility it mentions Square Register, Square terminal and android. However, a post from a week ago said it's not compatible with SR or ST. I have a ipad in a square stand with a hub. I'm just trying to figure out how I can swing this and what equipment I have now that can be used to do so. I went with Square when I signed up with Lavu but I was informed that the partnership is over so I will need to change over to one or the other. 😞

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I work with a small farm and we are trying to take pre-orders in an effort to reduce contact due to the virus. The challenge is that some items are sold by weight and would need to be weighed at the time of filling the order, so there would need to be a price adjustment.
Is it possible to set up such a system?


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Absolutely,  @Farfromtheusual 🙂  Square's system now allows using scales to sell items by weight. Check out this thread I moved your post to for more info. 



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I am a small farm.  Here is the strategy I am taking: 

Take the order without payment.

Weigh the items and fill the order.

Send the customer an invoice for the total.

Once they have paid, schedule shipping or delivery.


I haven't implemented this yet, but it is the best idea I've seen so far.


Good luck, stay healthy.



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Square Community Moderator

Thanks for adding these helpful tips, @seabreezefarm! We are very appreciative!

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I need the brecknell 15 lb 6710 scale and not the 30 lb 6710U version, how can I order that scale?

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Hey George - what device are you using your POS application on?

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Square stand with iPad

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Beta Member

Will the scales option be available for doing inventory? As a bar, we need to keep track of how much alcohol is being sold out of bottles. Right now, we are using our eyes to guess the amount in a bottle and then comparing that to what we show in inventory.  If we were able to scan the bottle's barcode, then put the bottle on the scale to weigh it, that weight would be updated to the system - which would then convert the weight to fluid ounces. Is this a possibility?

James Wilkinson
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@GuldenFarm I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused and thank you for bringing this to our attention. To confirm, both scales on the Square Shop have been certified for use with the Point of Sale app.


Regarding the Star Micronics Bluetooth scale, our Product team escalated this issue to Star Micronics for you last week. Star Micronics just confirmed they have now registered the bluetooth scale with New York, and the list of scales approved by New York state will be updated shortly. If you still have the scale you could reach out to the Department of Weights and Measure to confirm it has been added to their list.


We've also added a note to this Product Update that all scales must be inspected and set up according to local regulations. Thanks again for raising this!


Seller Community Manager, Square

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Thank you Helen for getting back to me and taking action. I’ve notified the Department of Weights & Measures, and they’re currently checking to see if it’s been approved for retail sales now. You should also update your information on the USB Brecknell scale that you have listed for use with Square POS, because that one is not listed for actual legal use, as well. 

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Thanks @GuldenFarm! Currently these scales are certified for the Square Point of Sale app but not the Square for Retail app. Certification to use scales with Square for Retail is coming soon. In the meantime we'll work to clarify the information on the Square Shop. Thank you again! 


Seller Community Manager, Square

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