Square unable to verify I'm guessing my company or is it me?


   I established my company a couple of months ago...everything just fine with the state and the city. However, I get to SQUARE and some verification process has failed. Are they asking questions about me or the business? Either way, it didn't go through and SQUARE advises they can't setup my account for another verification? Is this the case? Why can't I talk to someone on the phone about this? I believe SQUARE is making a mistake which is causing an issue when there shouldn't be. Do I just create another account? Should this account just be deactivated being it's useless at this point?


I firmly don't believe there isn't anything Square can't do about it? I'm not saying to override, I'm simply requesting to set the status to where I need to verify again and SQUARE to confirm whether I should be asking questions related to me or are they related to the business 'cause I believe that's the mistake in this case.

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Hello @HRJConsulting, welcome to the Seller Community. 


I can provide some background around the activation process. So when signing up for an account you'll have four attempts to verify your identity to activate credit card processing. Once you've exhausted these attempts we cannot enable additional tries.


If you think you entered your information incorrectly you can try setting up another account with a different email address. Please keep in mind you will be entering your own information for this and not the businesses information. 


Currently we only provide phone support to seller accounts that have completed this verification step. 


If you still have questions please let me know. I would be happy to help out. 

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I have entered all my information correctly, however I have exhausted my 4 attempts.  My account is not approved.  I am over 18, and my identity information is all true/correct.  I am unable to receive a customer code for telephone contact since I am not an active seller yet.  I have reached out over facebook but they said to email for help.  I have emailed the Support Team several times over the past week and have received no reply.  Is there any way that someone can help me get in touch with someone on the Support Team to help activate my account?  Please help, this has been a very frustrating experience. 

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I have entered all my personal information correctly (full legal name, home address, DOB, SIN and I am over 18 years old) however, Square continues to say "Account Not Approved" and I am unable to accept card payments.  


I have reached out to customer support but have received no reply.


I would really appreciate help to fix this issue as I really want to provide my business to Square!

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Square Community Moderator

Hi there, @Maddie - thanks for reaching out to us here on the Seller Community! Happy to have you join us here.


So sorry for the trouble, here. It sounds like we weren’t able to approve you to accept card payments with Square. I know that re-entering your information can be frustrating, due to regulatory purposes we need to be able to verify certain information.

If you'd like to try again, we recommend trying these troubleshooting steps - they should be helpful in attempting to activate.


For record keeping purposes, I've gone ahead and merged your post into an existing thread of Sellers who were also encountering this issue. 


Let me know if you have any questions in the mean time! 

Community Moderator, Square
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Hi joe! @Joe 


Thank you so much for replying. 

I’ve carefully entered my information again and I believe I have exhausted my attempts.


I have a banner that says my account is not approved. Is there any way to fix this? I am willing to call and sort it on the telephone but it says calling is “currently unavailable”




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Square Community Moderator

Hi there, @Maddie - thanks for trying those steps out and reaching back out to let us know.


Unfortunately, it looks like we are not able to approve you for card processing at this time. We would recommend reaching out to another payment processor to support your business.


Thank you for your interesting in Square! Best of luck going forward.

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Hey @Maddie were you able to get this resolved? I'm running into the same issue, and it's absolutely insane to me that Square uses a 3rd party to verify people's identity and approve them for merchant processing, all while not being able to provide us with any information as to why this is happening. What a blow to small business owners during a pandemic to be told, "Take your business somewhere else because we don't need you." 

Square, I know you don't necessarily need our business, but when small businesses could really benefit from using your service, the least you could do is offer some transparent support about what's going on with their business.

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I’m also having this problem. How do we resolve this? Why won’t square let us be verified when putting in the correct information?

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I've had the same issue - my personal ssn/dob/address won't verify. Square support is useless and won't help determine the issue with their identity provider. I've asked multiple times and they sent me the same canned response. Then they will not reply to further questions and then completely ignore me. They have also said they "trust their identity provider above all else" and will not provide any further info and wished me well in finding another provider. LOL. This is terrible support and terrible policy from an obviously terrible company that turns away business for something that can be solved easily.  A diligent company with a proper support team and management would track down the issue or come up with an alternative solution. For instance, although it took 10 weeks, I had the same issue with Cash app - so the support team asked for a photo id upload of a drivers license and selfie to verify. Not sure if its the same support teams, but at least they had a way to keep a customer. I've double checked my credit reports and SSN for any identity theft and there is no issue. So it is obvious that there is some issue or erroneous data with Square's identity verification provider. It's really too bad Stripe is unwilling to help with this and should serve as a warning to others about the quality of support they may receive for other issues.

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