The Future is Built Here: Atlanta

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We’re thrilled to announce The Future is Built Here, Atlanta edition, a citywide brand activation highlighting the importance of Black entrepreneurs and businesses. Our history was built, in large part, by Black people. Our future will be no different. It’s happening with Square. And it’s happening everywhere. To kick things off, we'll bring the focus to Atlanta.


This is the first of many U.S. activations in 2021 to demonstrate Square’s presence, support and partnership with the Black community.This is the first of many U.S. activations in 2021 to demonstrate Square’s presence, support and partnership with the Black community.

I'm excited to introduce you to the following sellers who have found a way to thrive over the last year and are highlighted throughout The Future is Built in ATL initiative. Check out their stories by clicking the links below:


Iwi Fresh

Product/Service Type: Skincare & Wellness

"Fun Fact: Iwi fresh became the first raw skincare bar in Whole Foods Market. The store on Ponce created a built-in refrigerator to keep our skincare products FRESH! This year marks 4 years of our Whole Foods Market friendship. We are expanding through the South Region."




Just Add Honey

Product/Service Type: Food & Beverage

"While scouring places for tea, I decided I would MAKE what I want. Combining flavors from around the world that were pleasing to the palate while still keeping it light and interesting, Just Add Honey Tea Company was born. Our ingredients are all natural, pure, and easily recognized."



Honor Roll Clothing

Product/Service Type: Fashion & Apparel

"We are explorers of truth. There are people across the world facing gut-wrenching challenges that, from afar, would seem impossible to overcome. Yet with their backs forcefully pressed against the wall, they find a way to triumphantly survive. Those stories inspire the world’s underdogs to overcome. We are dedicated to being the narrator for those stories that have yet to be told."



Build your future. Learn more on Square's website and follow us on Instagram (@Square) for the latest updates. We'll continue to share more opportunities to engage in the Seller Community, too.


Join the conversation. How have you found a way to thrive in the midst of all the challenges 2020 threw your way? Please reply and share your experience below!

Tom, he/him
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
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Super Seller

Visibility matters, and Square's support means a lot. I love that this project is kicking off in Atlanta and I remember the first Just Add Honey @justaddhoney tea that I purchased with little caramel bits back when ICE was held in the Ambient Plus Westside space. I can speak to how much visibility matters first hand as a queer business owner. Feeling as though my opinions are important and welcomed in a branded community is a unique experience and one that has resulted in a lot of new implementations in technology, our online presence, and our branding. Through the difficulty of Covid-19 and closures, cancellations, refunds, and the immense pressures of running our studio we have crafted a tighter more compassionate space. We are more diverse in our studio members and date night attendees than we were in the past and part of that has been just talking more and sharing who we are. Square encouraged us to do that, and we let go of some of the fear of acceptance that we'd built up about being a visibly queer couple who owned the business.

Deanna [they/she]

MudFire CEO | Square enthusiast

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I love that you guys are highlighting black owned business and starting here in my home town, Atlanta. As a food truck owner that started a business 6 most prior to the pandemic. I was afraid that I had made the wrong decision. However, it was quite the opposite. Food truck are more in demand due to our ability to come to our clients and serve them safely. The demand is great enough, that I am now in the market for a brick and mortar. I enjoy all the square resources that are available to a new entrepreneur like myself. It's allowed me to grow with less stress for sure! Thanks

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As a business owner who is a person of color I appreciate you highlighting Black business. Square adds another reason why it will always (hopefully) be my choice of payment merchant.

Does @Square have any plans to release any markers or signage showing support for the BIPOC community?

Orlando Perrone
Perrone Technologies: The Computer Shop
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So glad to hear this, @PerroneTech! Sorry for not replying to your question earlier—I wanted to follow up and let you know that, while I can't share out more information on markers or signage right now, we are working towards expanding our multicultural efforts. Stay tuned and learn more in the "Create what’s next." section of the website. 

Tom, he/him
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
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Beta Member

Love this! It's great to be seen, heard and supported as people of color. This thread has introduced me to some brands I was unaware of but will love to support! 

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Appreciate the spotlight. Though I myself am not BIPOC, I do employ members of that community and support my black-owned business neighbors. I strive to make my store as welcoming as possible to all who enter. Many customers [of color] have expressed gratitude simply for being treated like a regular customer, whereas [in their words] other stores met them with attitude, wanton looks, etc.

As it happens, 2020 was a banner year for music retail nationwide. So that helped. I also created some new revenue streams to complement the services we already offered. We are still growing and developing our e-commerce but welcome your opinions of VillageMusic.store 

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