Thinking about taking a break from my business ?

I've been running my business for almost a year this sept. I am trying my hardest to gain new customers and keep the returning customers. I don't want to come off as i wanna take your money and hurry up and buy type of girl. i just want to get mu business out there but it seems so hard at time. i advertise on social media mostly. i also do sales, discounts, coupons and een giveaways. but none that seem to be working for me. I love my business and i love the making process as well. but its only so much i can do. i can not over do it when it comes to making this product because it does have a shelf life of a year. feeling a little discouraged. I don't want to take a break. its just really moving slow. my last sale was July 17th and before that it was over a month. I guess i'm asking for help from other sellers on what could i do to make this business a successful one? any suggestions?

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