Updated Android App clock on sales report is terrible now

Every week I look at the detailed Sales Report for specific times that correspond to my employees' shifts from the previous week. This is so I can see how much we took in in tips on credit cards while they were working so that I can pay them out on their paychecks.

I've always had to do this on the Android app because the Web dashboard only allows reports on the hour and the android app can do it down to the minute.

In the most recent Android app update (v. 5.19.1) the "clock" interface has been changed and is in need of fixing. For one, I can no longer tap on the minutes and get a numeric keyboard so I can just type in the digits for the minutes I want. That's extra frustrating now because the "scroller" is extremely finicky and often just simply non-responsive. I can't scroll it slowly and if it happens to go past the minute I want, it is near impossible to get it to roll back, even one minute.

PLEASE bring back the numeric keyboard option. It's a much more efficient way to run this report, which I have to do a lot when I have more than one employee coming and going during a day.   

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @cmonster42,


We really appreciate the detailed feedback in what isn't working for you with this new update.


I hear you on the numeric keyboard option and I understand your frustration on the scroller being finicky. I'll let our Android Product team know about the struggles you're having with it and hopefully other sellers will see your post here and can add on to your feedback too. 

Ashley C
Community Moderator, Square
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