What inspired you to start your business? Do you still feel the same way?

Hey Seller Community! 


We're trying out something new here today - we'd love to hear about what inspired you to start your business and if you still feel the same way about it now. 


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Please feel free to reply below with your thoughts and a bit about your business! You can share any websites or social links if you'd like 🙂

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Well this is a tough one, as I haven't really thought of it as an inspiration.

I have spent my whole life in and around family business's and for most of my life I had no desire to have my own business.  But here I am with a small business in country Victoria with my wife, 3 young children and 12 staff (which sometimes act like children).


As I was growing up, my parents would always say to me "Go to school, get a good job".  So I did, went to Uni, got a job and for 14 years worked a corporate job. I worked for one of the biggest companies in the world and loved it, but deep down inside I wasn't fulfilled.


What inspired me to leave my corporate life, wanting to make things better for my family. Spend more time with my children. Have more freedom.


So in October of 2019, My wife and I bought my parent's Fish and Chip shop in Castlemaine Victoria. My parents had owned this business since I was 4 years old. It was time for them to retire and now at the age of 37 I own it.


I now have a 5 minute commute to work instead of the 1h10m it took to get from Mulgrave to Altona.

I drop my kids off and pick them up every day. I work more hours now but the more I work the more rewards I receive.


So why did I start this journey, I felt I could make the experience at our shop better.  I did a lot of research into technology and found Square. I wanted to be one the most technologically advanced takeaways going around.  I think we are close to it.  We take online orders through Square. We have 2 Square iPad registers (one is set up to receive online orders). We have another 2 iPads set up to run phone orders. We use Fresh KDS and have 4 KDS screens for the different stations. We use Fresh KDS order ready TV screens so customers can see their order is either Preparing or Ready for collection on 2 separate TV screens. The best part of all this system is the integration, this makes our lives so much easier.


So have I made a better life for my family, I believe so.

Am I Happier, most of the time. 

Is it as easy as I thought it would be, definitely not.

Can we still improve, always.


Anyway, I have another 30 odd years to catch my parent so plenty of time to perfect the art of Fish and Chips.




Chris from Blue Sea Fish Shop Castlemaine 


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Thanks for sharing @dimo10 👍


I love hearing about the innovation you're bringing to an iconic Aussie business, the local fish and chip shop. Not just in the use of new tech, but also in the execution of your ideas - you didn't mention it in this post, but the way you were able to help rally your local taxi drivers to deliver food during COVID lockdowns was an inspiring story! It's stuff like this that helps keep communities buzzing, especially in times of hardship like we've seen in Victorian communities for the past year and a bit.


I'd be lying if I said I've never felt the allure of owning my own business and becoming my own boss. For now I love what I do at Square, but there's still plenty of time for it to happen down the track - I'd love to own a record/retro games store one day.


Hope things are going well in Castlemaine, I've been meaning to get up there for a while. There seems to be a lot going on outside of the recent lockdowns with festivals, new breweries and lot of live music at the Bridge Hotel!




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