Re: Why are fees higher for manually-entered transactions?

The problem I have is that I have to remove the protective case on my phone to make the square card reader work, because the plug is too short. Removing the case is difficult, time consuming, and not worth it if I have one or two sales here and there.  Therefore I have to input things manually, even with the customer standing there. This problem could easily be solved by putting a longer plug on the reader.

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Re: Why are fees higher for manually-entered transactions?

you can buy extensions aftermarket that make the cord a couple of inches longer.  Square can't really make the headphone jack longer because if they did it would be sticking out that much farther on phones without cases causing many to be broken off or worse damaging the port.

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Re: Why are fees higher for manually-entered transactions?

When I signed up I was told that I would receive the first $1000 of recripts free of your fees....and so would someone else I invited to join. I have an interest person.

I read somewhere that the feed would be reversed at some point for the $1000 in sales. How does that work?

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Re: Why are fees higher for manually-entered transactions?



If you contact our Customer Success department we can look into this a bit further for you. Usually you'll need the information on the business who referred you, and you'll have a referral link that you want to provide to the business who would like to sign up.


When they sign up and open an account it will put a processing credit on the account. If they have already signed up and you didn't receive this, that is something Customer Success will be able to help you with directly.

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manual credit card sales

We have alot of phone orders which way is the cheapest for me to enter their card info.  I have credit card terminal, virtual terminal, or pos system?

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Re: manual credit card sales

Hi @rzrshop!

I moved your post to a relevant thread in the Community around manually entering cards.


The fee for manually entering cards is the same fee all around. See KPay's fee links for more information.

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