Why is my tips not showing up on customers bank statement

My client came in for a service and she tipped me. She called this morning and said that it’s not showing what she tipped on her statement. On my transaction report it shows the tip in the total. 

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ryanwanner Super Seller

Re: Why is my tips not showing up on customers bank statement

Aahhh, the joys of people being able to check their accounts in real time...


A lot of times in the tipped world, the card is swiped as a "pre-auth" for the dollar amount of the sale. In the old days of batch closing the cards, the real charge would then be relayed. Even with Square not relying on an End of Day batch close, I've seen times where the pre-auth comes across only at first (as in your case here), or where both charges show on the customer's account. Either way, you can tell your customer that what you see on your transactions is what will actually be charged once the bank and Square sync up--usually within 1-2 business days of transaction.


My stock line when this happens is for the customer to give it a day or two, and if both (or the incorrect) charges are still there to reach back out to me so I can do more research--I have yet to get that return call. :)

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