Will fees for manual entry be waived during COVID-19?

Here's a friendly suggestion from a long time Square user with multiple business locations: to help small businesses cope with the craziness of COVID-19 - waive the extra charges for manually entered credit cards, since we are (in many states) being forced to take payment over the phone versus swiping a card, therefore being forced to have higher fees!!!

Thank you for listening!

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Re: Corona Virus processing fees

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We're here to provide whatever resources we're able to, @FifiFido. We’re continually evaluating all options to help our sellers as this situation evolves, however we haven’t made changes to transaction fees at this time.


We put together some great Coronavirus resources available here in the Seller Community - definitely let us know if any questions come up after taking a peek!

Have you considered using Square Invoices to accept payments, or taking payments online instead of manually entering card information in? You could also get started with your online store by taking a look at this article from our Support Center.

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Re: Ways Square could help small businesses during COVID-19

Great suggestion. It sure would be nice. I know it would help so many of us. 😍

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Re: Ways Square could help small businesses during COVID-19

Hey @jill6487 and @MittenBeach,


We’re continually evaluating all options to help our sellers as this situation evolves, however we haven’t made changes to transaction fees at this time.


We'll continue to send out updates as they come and what we're working on to help.


Thank you for taking the time to leave your suggestion and in the meantime- please check out our Resources page for what we're currently doing if you haven't already. 

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Re: Ways Square could help small businesses during COVID-19

I read it, and none of them are super helpful, actually. It's only waiving fees for extra services, not the day-to-day which is affecting most of us so negatively.  Thanks for the response, though!

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Re: Ways Square could help small businesses during COVID-19

I am a one man band trying to keep my store afloat as are many other.  I dont have any need for these extra resources.  I need a reduction in fees as these higher rates combined with smaller order amounts is really cutting into what little margins are there :-(.  Could Square offer maybe sellers a choice of those resources or a reduction in fees or even the $1,000 refer a friend in free processing.  Something is better than nothing.  I have ben loyal to Square for almost 5 years please help us.


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Keyed in fees

Please consider lowering your keyed-in transaction fees to what you charge for card swipes. Almost none of us are able to conduct face-to-face business right now. As a small business owner who must now rely exclusively on online sales, this would make a huge difference to our struggling community. Thank you. 

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Can we get manual card entree fees lowered during social distancing?

We are allowed to stay open but are running out of gloves to swipe people’s cards with and don’t want to take even more of a hit with the higher manual card entree fees! I can’t seem to find a way to actually contact a human being at square and noticed they hadn’t answered someone who posted the same question on here....

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manual card entry fees - please waive

This is a public plea to the Square organization to please waive the additional fee to process a credit card manually. Right now the President of the US is asking non-essential businesses to close in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. My business is scheduling deliveries (the cost of which is not refunded to the business) to return the finished goods to the customers. My customers want to pay over the phone or via Square Invoice. This means my business will loose even more of the sale. I'm pleading with Square to PLEASE WAIVE THE FEES ASSOCIATED WITH MANUAL CREDIT CARD ENTRY. In a time like this, all of our small businesses need as much help as they can get.

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Re: manual card entry fees - please waive

Many, many businesses have asked for fees to be reduced or waived.  Square continues to evaluate ways to help out, but as of yet they haven't announced anything about this.  See and bookmark this article to be kept up to date on what they're doing.

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Re: manual card entry fees - please waive

We, too, are a super small business that has changed our way of operating to curbside pickup and FREE delivery.  We require customers to use their bank cards or credit cards and we manually enter them.  The fee that Square is charging for this manual entry is higher as well as the per "swipe" fee.  I just got off the phone with a Square representative and the only answer I got was "at this time, Square is not considering adjusting the manual entry percent that they collect nor the per entry fee." The representative could not answer my question as to why Square charges a higher fee for this method to begin with.


SMALL BUSINESS NEEDS ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET - I DON'T WANT A LOAN!  We are here working to keep our business running during this very difficult time.  We need to still pay our lease, utilities, insurances, supplies, and what is left of our employees.  Give us a SMALL break!  We use your services year-round and ask that during this time - you help us out with a 1% decrease in your manual fee.  1%, Yep, we count every cent.  We are small business.

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