"Smart Cart/Shipping Option" needed for my perishable items!

I am in need of a "Smart Cart/Shipping Option" for my Square on-line store that will work for both tradition physical items (like our dry flake fish food, and frozen fish food that must be kept frozen during shipping).


I would need the shipping/cart to recognize these "special items are different" (Dry vs Perishable) and will need to be "Split" in to two different shipments in the customers cart, and obviously at different rates. 


I plan to also ship live items/perishables (Live Aquaria/Fish) that will require completely different packing, more item/order prep time, my selected shipping currier only, and should be limited to only the items/products I chose to "Group Together as Perishable/Special".


I am a free store user currently, and will consider upgrading my store-front to accommodate some advanced shipping features (like real-time shipping quotes) if they will fit my shipping requirements/needs. 


Any help, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also if needed/or it helps, I am willing to offer in any efforts to bring such an advanced shipping option forth. 


Thank You.

Joshua Balch, at Aquaria Masters. 

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HI, I believe if you use the Variations to add additional fee to the item might work because then the buyer is forced to select the option with the additional fee.


Screenshot 1 example is for t-shirt with bigger sizes increasing in price in Variations.

Screenshot 2 example of customer facing selection.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.56.55 PM.png



Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.00.07 PM.png


Hope This Helps!
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Thank You @Goldneye I think that will help with my product variations, and covering item price differences for sure. I know I can adjust items fill, and processing times individually also. However I don't know if that will still end up helping with the shipping choices the customer is presented with at check out if they have dry goods, and perishables in one order. As the cart would assume/default everything is shipping together? 

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HI, when you add the +$x.xx to the item in the Variables, that additional charge is the additional fee for shipping.  So at checkout it will show the item with the additional fee +$x.xx and then apply the regular shipping. 


The dry goods would be at their regular price, then the perishables with the additional $x.xx, plus shipping.

Hope This Helps!
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Hi, & TY. That did help with covering product variations, and the items costs for each variation. 


Ok do you know if it is possible to link a product variations to specific shipping currier rate/box type then? Or prevent the customer from seeing all of the default shipping options per item at check-out per item?


I ship my products by weight typically, so I think I could set it up so my perishables/frozen are in ounces, and dry goods in lbs.?? To help offset the types displayed/offered at check-out?


The problem I have run into before is a customer who wants to ship a live item[s] at the offered dry goods rate. Or asking the customer to just select the correct shipping type at checkout. It ends up in more work, and canceled orders because the rate to ship overnight/next day is extremely costly and changes daily. 


So i would like to have the cart offer the correct shipping fee based on the weight, and type of product[s] being shipped in a combined cart? 


Is that possible? Or am I over-thinking this??

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HI, with so many different ways this can go, review all your items and determine what can bear a price increase to assist with the shipping.  I believe maybe a Standard Rate and Express Rate.  NOT Flat Rate and something else, because Flat Rate is just that, Flat.  Since you would have +$x.xx on the individual item, you would be covered on the additional shipping already.  Hope this makes sense.

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Thank you. I think I will need to consider the advanced "Real Time Shipping Rate Calculator" shipping option, vs the basic Shipping Calculator for my shipping needs.


As I don't see a way to make that work with the limited formula of the basic shipping calculator. I appreciate your time, and alternative suggestions to help with my project! I will keep it in mind as i move forward to find the best fit shipping wise for me, and I would love to also here any more alternatives if anyone has them. Or if you you currently use the Real Time Shipping Rate Calculator at your Square on-line store, and how you use it for different product types. 

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