shipping and taxes

Hello, I am new to Square and had a question about taxes and shipping.



I see that there are two ways to adjust taxes: one where you choose "items" from the home dashboard, and then "sales taxes" where it allows you to input a tax amount.  The other is where you go to "online store" from the home dashboard and then choose "settings," followed by "taxes" where it then automatically computes your sales tax.  I'm wondering which one of these I should use if I want to create an embedded button for my website.



I have found how you can adjust shipping rates by item total through going to the "online store" from the dashboard, then choosing "settings" followed by "shipping."  I'm wondering if there is another way to establish this shipping rate (by item total) without going to the online store.  If not, and I do establish the shipping rates with the online store, will those rates apply if I have customers buying items through an embedded checkout button (on my own website) rather than through a Square/Weebly hosted website.


Hope this isn't confusing, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: shipping and taxes

Hi @wdun453,


Happy to help look into this for you. Is the employee that experienced the issue on a specific set of permissions/role you created? Or was it a general pre-made set of permissions offered through the dashboard?


Please let me know by replying in this thread. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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