why is it necessary to constantly enter the passcode with the square app?

this question is probably in the wrong board; however, I find it frustrating and irritating to constantly enter my passcode within the square app.


for example, if I want to view a report, I click report.. enter passcode.. then click sales.. enter passcode..  then, I may be interested to see transactions, and if I go beyond the first few, I have to enter a passcode.. then, it is not uncommon to then want to go back to the sales report.. which requires 2 more passcode entries..


security aside, (to me) the # of times square wants your to enter passcodes seems a bit excessive...


any reason why? 

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Chris you would need to go to Settings > Security > and toggle off Enable passcodes that way you can move freely throughout the app.

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thx.. your reply will help someone wanting to know how to turn off passcodes.


my poorly worded question was geared more towards the software design.


in general, I like the app.. but i do have many issues with the app.. 

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