Local delivery reporting

Local delivery reporting: 


as a small business that only does local delivery I need reports that actually help my business grow. I need sales summaries and item lists by date of delivery versus date of when the customer orders. 

currently I have to pull all my orders together and manually enter on in Excel sheet item quantities for my supplier to pull each day. This should be an easily automated system. 

shopify has these reports. I chose to stick with square because I like the suggested tip already entered and there is a mileage-based delivery fee system. However the mileage-based fee has flaws. Some of my customers who live outside of the free delivery radius are still getting free delivery and I’m having to invoice them separately which I feel is that business to ask for more money. 

Also I would like to be able to enter the cost I pay versus what the customer pays to see my profits per item. 

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Hi there, @MileHighProduce 👋Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us here on the Seller Community, Happy to have you join us!


First things first, have you considered opting into Square for Retail? Many of the features you mentioned within your post can be done specifically through Square for Retail, including Cost of Goods reporting.


Now, more specifically, a Sales Summary report that includes orders by date of delivery is currently considered a Feature Request for the Online Store.


Concerning your free shipping issues, have you flagged this over to our Support Team directly? They would love to get some eyes on this with you to help troubleshoot and make sure this issue doesn't persist.


I will keep an eye out for your response!

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Thanks for the response. I am a local delivery service only so that’s why I haven’t gone with square for retail. The only benefit I can tell is the cogs reporting however that’s only available on the $60 plan. But I would lose my online marketing and/abandoned cart/reviews unless I’m guessing I pay even more money. 

I did a feature request for the delivery day reporting. I don’t imagine it would take too much to add a filter so I’m hoping this can be accommodated! 

I reached out to support at least 4-5 times in regards to the delivery fees, everyone said they would escalate and nobody responded but finally someone explained it was direct distance vs shortest driving distance, so even though not ideal for me at least I got an answer! 

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