When will the ability to synch Weebly and Square inventory happen?

So, I’ve used Square for about 6 years and Weebly as a site builder for about the same time. Recently, we’ve started selling more products through the Weebly site, which as we know has been purchased by Square. I keep being told that Square is working on the ability for the inventory to synch across the two, soon...but when? Is there an ETA? 
I don’t want to have to have a completely different store through Square, when the one I have built is working just fine. 

It seems that since the sales synch, it surely can’t be a stretch to make that happen with the inventory. As it is now, when I sell a product online, I have to go into Square and manually change the inventory, but there’s no option to show this as a sale. There’s “stock recount” “loss” “damage”, that sort of thing...but no way to show it as a sale. 
Square is a HUGE corporation. Everything else you’ve done is so easy to use and seamless, I’m sure you’ll fix this so it is, as well. 

But when?

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Thank you for being a loyal Square Seller and posting your question. 


This is an excellent question when you're using both systems to run your business. There is an option to sync this information between the two, it's called Square Sync. 


Square Sync allows you to make changes in your Dashboard and have them update in your Online Store too. Some of the things you can update is item details, stock, sales, etc. 


It's a handy tool that will help mesh both of your options. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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This doesn’t seem to be working for us. It’s still slotting me over to the page to make an online store, which we already have. Maybe I’m missing something?60E6631C-6F55-4355-B8D5-1D2F46742151.png

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In Square, it’s possible to have more than one account. Do you know if you created your website through another Square account or did you create it directly through the Weebly website?. In other words, you may be in the wrong Square account. 


I hope this has been resolved. If not, please give our Customer Success team a ring so they can help you look into account specifics.  



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