Allow Terminal to connet to MAC Filtered WiFi

Allow Terminal to connet to MAC Filtered WiFi

The Square Terminal needs to be able to connect to WiFi networks that use MAC filtering for security. I've never seen a device that can't do this until now and I don't have Ethernet at every location where we intend to use the Terminals.

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Hey there @skiwhitepass 👋


Firstly, welcome to the Seller Community + sorry to hear that you're here because you've run into trouble. My understanding in regards to this topic is that a MAC Filtered network requires you to add the device's MAC Address to it so it accepts and provides an IP Address to the Terminal. If I am not mistaken and I am understanding correctly you would need the Terminal's Address which can be found at More > Settings > General > About Terminal. Once that is done then the network and the Square Terminal should "handshake" and work as expected.


If that is not the case (you have added the MAC address to the router and are yet to gain network access on the Terminal),  then I would suggest giving our hardware team a call so we can get a diagnostic report from the unit to confirm what could be affecting it, or preventing it from working correctly.


Please do correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a minute since I was a network admin back in 2015.