Can we scan barcodes using a phone/mobile device?

Can we scan barcodes using a phone/mobile device?

It would be very helpful, if you could scan your barcodes with you qreader, on your phone, when doing purchases with register app. 

Is this at all in the works. 

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks for circling back, @rrowe1975! We don't currently offer the ability to scan items using your phone itself but that would be a great way to streamline the checkout process. I'll be sure to share your suggestion with our Product Liaison team.


In the meantime, hopefully one of our currently supported hardware options will be useful. Thank you for your patience and keep in touch for updates!

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I want to be able to add a loyalty customer to an order with a tablet or phone camera in the square app. That would be awesome! Each customer has a reference ID or use the number to create a QR code. They just show it at check out and they are added to the order and get their points or redeem points. No barcode gun equipment needed. It would be perfect for mobile businesses. 

YES, YES, YES this needs to happen!!!  I do a lot of flea markets with square and have to look up every item in my inventory to check people out because I use barcodes in my store.  This needs to happen after 5 years!!!

It's been at LEAST 5 years of non answers from square on the barcode issue.  It would be really nice to get a straightforward answer as to why this cannot be done.  running out of patience.

@bleuolive it is so ridiculous!  5 years???  I have several apps that have this technology and have had them for years, so I know it can be done and is not rocket science.  Square just needs to LISTEN better to their CUSTOMERS.😔😔

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Something is telling me they aren’t implementing this because they have deals with barcode gun manufacturers 

It makes no sense this hasn’t integrated yet. I’ve been a early adopter of Square and I’ve always thought of them as a forward thinking company but this is changing my opinion. Unfortunately I’m looking at different options after several years of use. 

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Unfortunately this is never going to happen... profitability for the shareholders is way more important than functional solutions for the peasants ha