Feature Request: Kiosk / Hide Options

Feature Request: Kiosk / Hide Options

Since we cannot seem to get the actual functionality for a self service kiosk, can we at least get an update to the app, so that we do not see the menu items for things an employee does not have access too? (e.g. if the employee does not have access to reports... why does the menu item display? Seems it would make sense to remove instead of clicking on it and see the permissions error. 

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I'm having a hard time posting, but we're an official Square Partner and just finished a Square-powered Kiosk based on our powerful Square-powered Mobile Apps. It's called Voice Kiosk and it's voice-activated and touch-activated and super powerful. We only charge $9.99/mo for it and don't do any other hidden or transaction fees and it all flows through Square. 




Get in touch if you want to know more. We can give you your own white-label branded Kiosk too, pretty quickly - and way cheaper than everything else.

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Hi. We've got self-checkout and cashierless options that are fully integrated with Square (we're an official Square Partner). We also just finished an affordable iPad Kiosk for Square businesses - that we're debuting at just $9.99/mo - no other fees. 


You can learn more at https://voicekiosk.com/features or get in touch with us if you have any questions. 


Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1NKvxafE0g

I am looking for a similar solution.  I was wondering why I couldn’t just make the website my locked screen on an update or tablet?  I am so imbedded with Square products I cringe at the idea of “cutting the cord”.  
I am sure there are issues I am not thinking of as to why this wouldn’t work, or work smoothly.



We're looking to create a self-serve kiosk that interfaces with a weighing scale.  The customer will place their bag on the scale, tare that bag weight, dispense some food into the bag, and then print off a ticket with a cost based on the weight for payment at a register elsewhere.  We're assuming this isn't a standard setup for Square, so we're wondering if this could be achieved through the SDK or via a custom app (or if this would even be in compliance with Square's Terms of Service).  Thanks.

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Hey! Thanks so much for sharing your request for this. We are actively tracking all feedback that comes in for a self serve kiosk. I've merged your post to that thread so we can keep all the feedback in one place. 🙂

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A few things. First, give devs the ability to process chips and swipes rather than have to use manual rates. I would already have a free app for everyone.


Open up square pos so that the dev community can actually edit the layout and functions. I personally use php mainly and would love to connect via browser.


Square would only need to have a pos app that connects to the normal hub and chip reader, but loads a functional browser internally. That allows us to fully customize the interface across any device.


The process methods should be similar to what exists, but they would get the in person rate. Basically, wait for credit read... when value is returned to square... site recieves confirmation of success.


How does the browser communicate with the app? It doesn't. The app logs into square. The site makes a request to a square location. Square refers that request between the two without ever giving any access unsecured.


Second, at the very least we need, as others have said, a simple way to just convert any square registers to self serve mode where it doesn't show anything outside the main favorite icon page.


How hard can it be to simply block out everything except that one page? It doesn't require access to any other options or tabs when it is active. 


You basically have a start self serve button in options. You provide a password and the app only shows that favorite menu until unlocked.


It is so frustrating when many of us could write that update to full release in a week and square cannot make it happen in months of requests.

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@Josephwigton I don't remember the exact details of why Square hasn't launched a kiosk version of its software, but I do believe it has something to do with the merchant agreements Square signed with the cc companies. I could be wrong on this though.


I can tell you that I started using KioskBuddy (which is available in your dashboard's app store) for my store, and it does everything you mentioned in your post. Marvin and his team do a great job of listening to requests and adapting the software. I recommend chatting with him about their beta version of the KB software if you go down that line.