Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

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So I know back in 2018 there were discussions that square register would eventually enable Bluetooth support for printers. It's now 2020, is this going to be enabled anytime soon? 

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Thinking of going with the Square Register setup, but I'd like to know if it will work with the Square contactless and chip reader?

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I don't think that it uses the contactless reader since it has its own built-in reader and NFC and swiper in the customer display.

Looking to use the register, but it's pretty much a deal breaker if I can't use it with the wireless reader. Square, please oh please tell me that the Square Register works with the Square wireless reader? Square products playing nicely with Square products?

The all-in-one Square Register has a built in Chip and Contactlesss reader in the Customer Display.

Thanks for your input. I am aware of the customer display and it’s functionality, but I simply want to know if the Bluetooth reader works with the Square Register. 


Hi @TRO - Register currently doesn't support bluetooth connections. Can you share why you need Register to pair with the Contactless and Chip reader? Register does everything that the reader would do so I'm curious to hear about your use case. Thanks!

Hi @katieand - Thanks so much for the clarification. I was hoping to use the Register in a more traditional sense, with printed and signed receipts, while avoiding the need to run a cable (for the customer display) when accepting something like Apple Pay. 

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if you're looking to not use the customer display then just use a Square Stand and iPad and the Bluetooth contactless reader.  the main point of the Square register is the customer display, other than that it is 99% the same as Square POS except the display is run by Android.  A square stand and iPad (less than $400 together) would be way cheaper than the $999 Square Register.


@TRO - @VanKalkerFarms is right. If you're looking for a customer facing display without Register, you can also try this one: https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5492


There's a section titled "Setting Up Customer Display" and there's a link to the program beta. 

I just received my New Square Register designed and built by Square, unfortunately it doesn’t have Bluetooth! Do you believe that! It’s 2018 and they made this Register without Bluetooth technology, now how am I going to connect all my printers in the back, with wire like 1980?