Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

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So I know back in 2018 there were discussions that square register would eventually enable Bluetooth support for printers. It's now 2020, is this going to be enabled anytime soon? 

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I just got the new square register and the last one I had only worked with the socket mobile. I can't find a way to connect it to the new one. If you can not is there a list of scanners that will work with it?

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Register does not currently support any bluetooth accessories.  Here's a link that shows all of the known compatible scanners.  I hope you enjoy the Register as much as we do.

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We currently have several of the Square stands with ipad.  I would need the Register to connect to internet to process credit csrd payments like the ipad.  Is that how it works or would I have to buy the additional bluetooth capability?


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With the Register, it actually has the chip reader built in to the customer-facing screen so there would be no need for the Contactless + Chip reader. 

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To answer your last question, yes the Register connects to the internet to process transactions.  That coupled with the Tap/Dip/Swipe capability of the customer facing display makes it a complete, self-contained system for processing all of your charged/debited transactions, as well as any/all other forms of payment which Square allows.  We bought ours about 10 months ago and have loved it since we took our first sale with it.


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After looking into it, we don't have any date scheduled yet for an update on bluetooth compatibility. I know it has been a big ask since the Square Register launched, but the minute we hear anything, we will let our sellers know. 

I have been using a Tablet & Chip setup for the last year and have had constant bluetooth issues.  I have had lines of people waiting to check out while I'm trying to trouble shoot connectivity.  Not a good thing, and the sole reason I'm looking for an alternative.


I am considering upgrading to the Square dual screen Register.  I have read that the Square Register doesn't support other bluetooth devices. My question is how does the secondary customer screen (card reader) connect to the main register?  Do they communication via bluetooth or the charging cable or both?  I have no interest in another terrible bluetooth connection. If they can communicate via a hard cable / wire I am likely to upgrade.  I have ethernet available and am looking for a non-wifi, non bluetooth POS.  Because so far it really has been a POS.