Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

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So I know back in 2018 there were discussions that square register would eventually enable Bluetooth support for printers. It's now 2020, is this going to be enabled anytime soon? 

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Hey @spdc! Good question. The Register does not support additional customer displays at this time. I moved your question to that linked thread in case there's any new development around this topic. We'll notify folks there.


Now our back of house Bluetooth printer doesn't work.  I thought the register was an upgrade????

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Hi there, @hasany - thanks for reaching out to us here on the Seller Community! I see that this is your first post, and we are grateful that you decided to join us here.


We may need some more details from you on this one. What issue are you experiencing specifically? It sounds like you may be having issues with a Bluetooth printer and your Square Register? If so, Bluetooth is not currently supported with the Square Register.


I will keep an eye out for your response! You can also feel free to reach out to our Support Team for expedited assistance.

Thanks for reaffirming that squares initial offering of its square register didn't include Bluetooth.  Rendering a lot of peripherals that worked with the square iPad solution obsolete. 


Will an aftermarket USB Bluetooth receiver work?

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i want to Bluetooth my printers to square register so i want to know if they can 

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Hey @gordosbbq,


I moved your post to an existing thread where this question has been asked by another seller and answered already.

Check out @Alex_ 's answer for more details. 

Yes we need this.  I have a square stand at my drive thru window.  We hold the square reader out the window for no touch processing.  Unfortunately the square stand is far less reliable than my square register I use for dine in.  Would love to have the register at both spots.  Just need something wireless for the card payments.