Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

Is the Square Register compatible with bluetooth printers?

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So I know back in 2018 there were discussions that square register would eventually enable Bluetooth support for printers. It's now 2020, is this going to be enabled anytime soon? 

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You can either dock the customer facing screen into the register, or there’s an included micro-usb cable that connects them.  We’ve been using 4 of them for over two years, 2 docked & 2 connected via cable, with literally zero connectivity issues!

Thanks for the feedback.  It's encouraging to see positive real world results. 


Still wondering if the Square Register uses bluetooth.

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Glad I can help!

Register does not currently have Bluetooth capability. It’s all hardwired or WiFi for now. 

There’s also a hardwired hub with full size USB-A ports and an Ethernet port. 

You can also see my full review of my registers at:



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Any updates to how we could get a 2nd reader to work at the sellers screen?  We need to process credit cards from a waitress, and turning around the customer screen is a pita.


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As of right now, the Square Register only connects to it's own customer facing screen. This is a feature request we are tracking, but have no updates for yet. 


As a work around, you could get an iPad or an Android tablet and purchase a Contactless + Chip Reader so that you can take more than one payment at once. 

So you are stating to setup a 2nd Square POS to handle seller side credit card payments?  Isn't this a bit extreme- new hardware, more counter space required, just to process seller side credit cards?  


What is driving this is that Cafes and Restaurants are now having to adapt to the Corona virus.  As inside seating has been closed for now, and we are not sure when customers want to sit inside a room next to strangers, we are going to a takeout model.  Square Register hardware-based is a great solution as customers can see their order at an outside takeout window.  But then what happens we we need to start tali g a few table orders and processing?  For now we will use the Square Register hardware.  It's just a shame that the $800 android hardware Square sells for a Premium, can not be used for a sellers side POS.

Hello All, I searched the forums and did not see an answer for my question. Can the Square Register support Dual Customer displays? The way my business is set up, we have one register with 2 lines one on either side. Any insight would be awesome.


Hey @jasperkins-


I understand your frustration here. At this time, we don't have a way to connect our Contactless + Chip Readers to our Square Register. I can see how this would be helpful, and I'll certain pass this along to our Product Team.


You could purchase a Contactless + Chip Reader and connect it to your phone (if Bluetooth compatible) so you don't have to invest in other devices. 

I was hoping that Square could adjust for the COVID-19 times, as we now can't take customers inside the restaurant.  So the current Register hardware works now for the walk up window.  But when we can start sitting inside again, Square forces us to buy new hardware for the servers like an iPhone or a POS or Terminal.