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Quickbooks Sync to Square App re transactions are off by a couple of cents

I have been using the quickbooks square app for the last two years which has been working perfectly up until June 2021. 


In June, I started noticing that most of my Square deposit transactions stop matching with what was being deposited into my bank account. Therefore, I was no longer getting that green "match" button.

What I discovered was there is a couple of cents difference between my transaction and bank account statement which is causing my transactions not to match up.


For example, Square deposits $500.25 into my bank account (which is the correct amount) but Quickbooks says that my deposit that day was only $500.23, hence why it no longer finds a match. 


I have called both Quickbooks and Square. No one was able to offer any help as they have not seen this before. My accountant thinks it's a Square rounding issue. 

Has anyone else had this issue. Is there a fix?

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