Customer Subscription/Barcode Scanning/Valid or Invalid Status

We operate a gym as well as selling equipment and are two different business entities.  The selling of equipment is currently going through square and the gym membership is going through two other systems.  The first is Clover which takes payments and the second is firmPOS which allows members to scan a card with a barcode which notifies you if the subscription is valid or not. There are two types of subscriptions limited by days and hours of usage.  We are trying to get one system that will provide the following:

  • a website front end for our customers
  • allow new customers to use the website to register for gym memberships and agree to contracts
  • set recurring payments if paying by card which sets the subscription valid
  • if the user pays by cash then set the subscription valid for that month
  • when a user comes in to the gym uses a barcode or phone with a barcode to scan and the system notifies them if the subscription is still valid.  If the subscription is not valid then flag the user so that we can later see if the user wants to continue with the subscription.  Send an email/text to the user that the subscription has expired and needs to pay.

Is this possible with square?


Thanks for your time.



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Square Community Moderator

Hi @sfeq Thanks for reaching out.


This isn't currently possible with Square. You can setup a website with Square Online, but it wouldn't be possible for customers to manage their membership. Any recurring payments would need to be setup and sent with Square Invoices. 


I can appreciate the business model you are trying to setup, but I don't think Square is the one-stop solution for you at this time. 

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