Feature Requests and the Seller Community

Here in the Community, we get a lot of feedback about what’s working well—in addition to things we could improve. It is incredibly insightful for us to hear firsthand what’s not working for you and how we can fix it.

When we receive feature requests in the Seller Community, a few different things happen behind the scenes. We thought we’d pull back the curtain and share some of our processes with you. That brings us to…

The Life of a Feature Request


  1. Customer Advocacy — The first thing we do internally is share your request with the people building our products. From data-centric approaches like tracking the request in our internal databases, to more qualitative methods like the community moderators talking directly with the appropriate product team, we make sure your feedback and ideas get to the right person.

  2. Look for an Alternative — We always try to provide a workaround when it makes sense. Even if our products don’t do exactly what you need them to, we want to help you get closer to your goal (see an example of a work-around in this thread). Many times, we’ve heard the request before and have an alternative solution in mind. When we don’t know of a great workaround, we turn to the community to get advice from other sellers.

  3. Share a Resolution — The best days for us (and we hope for you, too!) are when we get to share with the community that a feature request has been built into the product. We’ve been able to do that several times, including this thread about incremental improvements we're continuing to make for Square Online deliveries. If you’re interested in seeing a resolution, make sure to follow the thread so you’re notified if we update it.

But what if there isn’t a resolution?

Even the best feature requests take time for our team to build. Our Product Managers take a lot of things into consideration when developing new features and addressing limitations of current features. Customer feedback is one huge piece of the puzzle that impacts prioritization, but it’s not the only piece.


In cases where a resolution is not yet available, we continue to take our jobs as customer advocates seriously. We’ll keep sharing your stories internally and funneling your feedback to our developers. If we can’t prioritize a feature, we also give feedback to our Partnerships team so they can look for great opportunities to partner with other companies who specialize in the features you need.

If you would like to get involved in a deeper level with the feedback process, be sure to join our Beta Community — a space where you get access to newly designed features before everyone else!



Sometimes we don’t have an update for weeks or months. In those cases, thank you for bearing with us. We know it can be frustrating, but we are continuing to work on your behalf. As soon as we have an update, we’ll post to let everyone know.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!

P.S. If you'd like to share a new feature request, please start a new thread!

️ Tom | he/him
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Hey @HeadHog, thanks for the feedback!


I think it's a safe bet that the work we've been doing updating the Square POS app on mobiles will also make it to Square Terminal. I don't have an ETA, but keep an eye out for future updates!

Square, Australia
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Thank you so much for your response!  I'll definitely be looking forward to it!


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Beta Member

I ran into this same issue last summer when I was setting up a multi-location POS system. Most of the businesses that I've worked with have had more than one "checkout" station so what they end up doing is purchasing one iPad for one station and terminals for the additional stations. The business I was working with last summer also did this and we ran into issues with a few products that had the same bar code for products sold in a case or as individuals. On the iPad home screen, I was able to just create buttons for these products to avoid charging customers the individual price when they were purchasing a case, but I couldn't do so with the terminals. Which resulted in lost revenue because employees operating the terminals couldn't necessarily remember which products were "special."

Alyssa Anderson
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I had a legal name change. I want my square business card to match. 

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Subscriptions is halfway there for the service industry. When a client purchases a massage subscription (1-4 per month) at a discount, I need Square to track how many have been used to either A) know to charge clients once their monthly discounted services have been used up, or B) roll over unused ones to the next month. Once these features are automated, offering massage memberships will be no-brainer. I suspect there are other industries this would help as well such as personal trainers and such.

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There needs to be a way to update a name change only, while maintaining the same SSN.  Square is unfairly punishing those who legally change their name, the same minority groups that are generally underserved in the business world, including, but not limited to women and transgendered business owners.  Thank you for your immediate attention in this matter, as it has been a known problem for many years. 

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Beta Member

Please add the option to auto-add a service charge to POS transactions. During the pandemic we switched to service charge to avoid screen contact. Now our business depends on it. I know the Sales Tax workaround, but that has issues. Those dollars don't show up in reports like Labor Cost. Also, the IRS requires service charges to be taxed. The only real solution is the allow auto-add for POS. It's already available for online sales, so the change should be trivial.


Requiring staff to remember to add it all the time is not a good solution.


Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 7.36.50 AM.png

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Beta Member

YES!!!!! We need this as well. 

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Beta Member

I feel like it would fit very well in the "service charges" section (with exemptions for seller-selected options like venmo, cash, cashapp, etc). We could create different service charges for payment methods that cost different percentages. Credit cards are a certain percentage, but PayPal is different. Know what I mean? Would be so beneficial for in-store sales! 


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Beta Member

We process thousands of online orders in addition to in-store transactions. As with any retail store with online orders, we receive many returns and requests for exchanges. Currently, we are manually reviewing and approving return requests for all returns and it is taking up a significant amount of time. Since Square recently added customer profiles for online orders, it would be extremely helpful if square online would allow customers to select their online order and pick the item (some customers purchase multiple items) that they want to return and be able to process the request directly online. Even allowing the customers to select and purchase a return label.


As we are expanding our business and adding new storefront locations we are anticipating a huge increase in online sales. We are currently looking into 3rd party platforms that can integrate with Square to help us with the online return process. We'd hate to leave Square altogether if we aren't able to stream online stores process and we have considered it multiple times do to the lack of features and assistance when we run into issues.

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We need a feature added to the square appointments - "Number selector" where one customer can schedule an appointment for two or more. 

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