How to: Update your Community Profile for Pop Up Cards

Hello! I wanted to give everyone a quick update about a recent change we've made to the community platform: community member pop up cards! Keep reading for more info and to take advantage of this opportunity to promote your business. 


Quickly and easily get more details about your fellow community members

If you hover your mouse over any avatar in the community, a box will pop up with more information about that community member, including their title, website, when they joined the community, and the recent badges they've earned. 


Profile pop-up cardProfile pop-up card

From this profile card, you can also send the member a private message, or click through to view their profile. You can also get an idea of how experienced they are by checking out the number of threads they've authored, how many best answers they've been awarded, and how many likes they've received. 


Make sure your profile is updated!
Click My Settings to update personal infoClick My Settings to update personal info

To make sure your pop up card has all the right information, double check your settings. To do so, click on your username in the upper righthand corner of the screen, and then click "My Settings." 





Then click on "Personal Information" and fill out details like your company, title, and website.  


Click Personal Information to edit your detailsClick Personal Information to edit your detailsAfter you click "Save" you're good to go! 

Let me know if there are any other updates you'd like to see to your profile in the Seller Community - we're always working on improving things here and love to hear your thoughts. 😊




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Re: How to: Update your Community Profile for Pop Up Cards

This is great! Thanks for listening to us, and implementing things like this for us! :) 

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Re: How to: Update your Community Profile for Pop Up Cards

Hi @TrueNorth, you're welcome! Feel free to let me know if there is ever anything else you'd like to see in the community! 👍

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