How to engage with Square on the Community + Beyond (and potentially become a Super Seller!) ๐Ÿ’ก

Hi Seller Community!


Square is currently revamping our Super Seller program - and weโ€™re making it available to Square sellers in Canada! This means weโ€™re offering benefits for those that engage with Square at the highest level. Take a look below to learn more about our Super Sellers and view a list of recommended actions you can take to catch our eye!


Who are Super Sellers?


Super Sellers are Square advocates who have a passion for helping other business owners. Whether itโ€™s troubleshooting a finicky printer or helping decide how to split tips among employees, Super Sellers are there to offer advice, support, and foster a strong community of Square sellers. 


Super Sellers are also our strongest advocates of Square. Theyโ€™ve worked with our products and have seen first hand how they can help folks run and grow their businesses. The purpose of the program is to empower those that take these actions to do them even more, and reward them for doing so as well. Check out our directory of current Super Sellers


What actions can I take to become a Super Seller?


  • Provide Best Answers for the Community - Providing Best Answers that are thorough and well-thought out will not only help you rank up in the Community, but it also gets sellers answers to problems affecting their businesses. Your answers will not only help the seller that asked the question you are replying to, but potentially thousands more that will see your answer when searching the Community. Click here to learn more about providing best answers.


  • Participate in the Beta Community - The Beta program gives you early access to new features and tools. Youโ€™ll be able to provide your feedback to help us build the right products for your business!


  • Engage in conversations - Be consistently active in the Community! You can welcome new members, write proactive posts about products or experiences, ask questions that provoke discussion, or just offer other sellers advice. Posting at least 5 times a week will definitely get our attention!


  • Get Active on Social re: Square - Anyone that regularly posts and shares on social channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Youtube, etc.) about their business and how they leverage Square is much more likely to qualify to become a Super Seller.



  • Participate in the Square Referral Program - Squareโ€™s Referral Program is a great way to recommend Square to sellers! You can also earn rewards such as free processing or a discount for a Square Reader for Contactless Chip.


  • Create content about Squareโ€™s product - Your unique perspective and experience using the product is valuable for sellers who are considering purchasing Square hardware or using Squareโ€™s tools. We encourage detailed  content such as reviews or set up guides. Creating and uploading tutorials to YouTube will get you noticed fast!



  • Participate in the Beta Community - The Beta program gives you early access to new features and tools. Youโ€™ll be able to provide your feedback to help us build the right products for your business!


  • Speak at or host events - Help other sellers grow their business at events by sharing your knowledge and business owner expertise. These events include  feedback sessions, lunch and learns, and local community events.


  • Leave public reviews - Reviews are crucial in helping potential Square sellers to discover and use our products. We're looking for sellers who are advocates of our brand and leave reviews on platforms like Apple App Store, Google Play Store


  • Identify and report bugs to our product teams - Providing feedback helps our moderator team escalate issues to our engineers.


  • Be active in Squareโ€™s app development scene - We are looking for developers who have creative ideas and bring them to life using our developer APIs. Click here to learn more about Square's Small Business Hackathon, where we gave awards to developers that executed on their awesome ideas. 

Thereโ€™s no hard and fast rule for the number of posts or set of activities you need to complete to be considered for the program. Super Sellers tend to be very active, starting meaningful conversations, and providing excellent answers to fellow sellers.


We consider members whose posts stand out as exceptional, who other members of the community recognize as extremely helpful, and who engage with a supportive style.



Let us know if you have any questions about our Super Seller Program and recommended actions!

Gestora de la Comunidad de Vendedores / Seller Community Manager, Square
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