Ideate has been redesigned and updated!

Hello Seller Community! 👋


As the next phase of the Community redesign, @ Puka has overhauled and updated the Ideate category. Aside from bringing Ideate visually in sync with the rest of the Community, it also includes some functional differences.


New landing page

Learn about the lifecycle of requests, access the Beta Community, and submit a feature request. 


Filter by request status

Quickly filter by the following statuses:


  • New: New unique request.
  • Has product insight: Product team has seen this request and is currently assessing the development timeline of it.
  • Workaround Provided: indicates Community or Product Manager has weighed in with a work around for feature request.
  • Needs Beta Testers: This feature is in Beta! Join our Beta Community to test out this feature.
  • Not currently planned: Square will not support this feature due to external limitations or other services offering this option.
  • Implemented: This feature request is now available to sellers.

Like a request from the list of requests

Easily like requests directly from the list of feature requests, rather than going to each individual page.


Add a use-case

Provide a use-case in a reply to a request. Use-cases help our product teams understand how you use a product and what you want to do with it.


With these changes we are bringing the Beta Community and feature requests much closer together, improving your visibility of product changes and giving you a seat at the table to help shape the future of Square products.



Comments or suggestions? Let us know by replying below! 👇


Community Manager, eCommerce
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Super Seller

Thanks @AdamB! How often are the request reviewed by the Square Team?

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Great question! We're still working some things out, though the goal will be to have some kind of update within a week.

Community Manager, eCommerce
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Super Seller

Sounds good, Thanks @AdamB 

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Hey @LLCafe - update for you! After launching, we now have a team of amazing Community Managers working through the first Feature Requests submitted in the new space. We're starting by building up a great repository of Feature Requests, and starting soon, will begin surfacing the top ones to Product teams. 


As of right now, our Community Managers are working to make sure that every request gets updated with it's most current status, even if the work is not yet planned.


This fresh start in the new space will allow us to make sure we're surfacing the most current ideas to our Product Teams, and also ensure that every seller that submits an idea, likes one, or leaves a comment with their use case is able to receive an automatic update on the status of that request when there is news.

Aaron Weiss
Former Community Lead, Square
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Super Seller

Thanks @aarontw !

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