Pro Tips: How to Find Help in the Seller Community



While we all ramp up for the holidays, I want to share some helpful tips and tricks to help you find timely answers through the Seller Community.


We know that fast, person-to-person support is important and the Community is built to help! If you have questions regarding troubleshooting, feature requests, how-tos, workarounds, setting up, or hardware recommendations — the answer lives here in the Community. 


There are three main ways to find your answers within the community: 


1: Search our existing threads 


When you start typing in the search box from you’ll notice a list of existing threads that match your search terms will automatically display. You can click right on the title of an existing thread to read it.


Threads with a green check mark Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 3.19.10 PM.pngnext to it have a verified, or best answer, associated with it. Best Answers are posts that have been verified as correct and/or helpful. 


We strongly ensure the reliability of each answer within the Seller Community and you can always filter your Community search results by Best Answer to ensure you are getting a Square verified answer to your questions.


If you find a thread that has helped you, but doesn't already have a best answer, feel free to mark it! It may help another seller along the way. 


2: Ask a fellow Seller for help


See a thread that is close to answering your question, but needs a little more detail? Tag the sellers involved in that thread. They will get an email that you asked them a question, allowing them to get back to you!


To tag a seller, reply to their thread and "@" in front of their name. For example, @AshleyK will tag me in any post you make, bringing my attention to your exact question. It will look like this whenever you tag a seller:


Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 3.24.46 PM.png


This step is incredibly useful for questions that involve a specific merchant type and workarounds that only a fellow barber, baker, mechanic, or website developer would understand. 


3: Create a new thread


Have you searched for your answer in threads and have yet to find that specific answer you need? It's time to create a new thread. Most sellers that create a new thread see an answer within 24 - 48 hours by either another seller or a member of the Community team (like me!)


There are many places you can start a new thread: on the search bar and within search threads.


Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.24.04 AM-2.jpeg


Creating a new thread will place your question at the top of our lists for other sellers to respond. Again, if you feel like a certain seller would be able to answer you question(s), feel free to tag them! 


4: Still need help? Call our Customer Success team


If you have account sensitive questions that cannot be addressed on public forums like bank account information, deposit information, or payment confirmations, then you will need to contact our Customer Success team over phone or email.


Square is currently able to offer phone support for active Square Sellers. Customer codes are required in order to call into our phone lines (1-855-700-6000). In order to get your customer code, or lookup an existing code, follow these steps: 


  1. Visit the Contact Us Page
  2. Select a topic 
  3. Select the issue
  4. Click on "I Don't See my Issue" and choose to call us.

We offer phone support from 6am-6pm PT, Monday-Friday. Keep in mind, when our phone lines are closed you will not see the option to call us. If that happens, you can also:


  • Send us an email – we respond 7 days a week
  • Send us a Direct Message on Twitter  or Facebook – we respond 7 days a week
  • Message our Team from the Support section in your Point of Sale app

Thank you for your time, and for being a member of the Seller Community!

Community Moderator, Square
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Community Moderator, Square
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