Seller Community Ranks Explained!

What is a rank?

Your rank is how you can keep track of your involvement in the Community. If you’re continually active in the Community (answering questions, giving likes!) your rank will change to show your progress. Ranks are intended to show other Community members your level of expertise and tenure and to boost your reputation.


Why do some avatars have a different colour or icon?

You may have noticed that some avatars in the Community have a different background colour, and some also include an icon. The colours are a quick way for everyone in the Community to see someone’s rank.


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.04.55 PM.png

As you rank up to higher levels, your background colour will go from green, to blue, to purple all the way up to orange and if you become a Super Seller you'll get to gold! 


Square Employee AvatarSquare Employee Avatar

Super Seller AvatarSuper Seller Avatar

Square employees have a black background and a Square logo on their avatars and our Super Sellers have the yellow background and star. Members of our Beta Community have a turquoise background.


Where do these ranks appear?

You’ll see your rank on your personal profile page, listed under your username. Your avatar will be included in every post or reply you make in the Community, showing your rank colour and star if you have one.


What do I need to do to get to the next level up?

We can’t tell you exactly what it takes - what chef gives away the secret family recipe? 😉




Here’s what we can say: you’ll move to the next level by staying active in the Community. Keep replying to threads with high-quality answers and starting new conversations. Remember to give out likes for good comments and mark Best Answers as you see them.


The more you participate, the closer you’ll get to that next level! A good place to start is with the Unanswered Questions section at the bottom of the homepage:


 Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 1.51.49 PM.png


We’ll continue improving ranks with time. If we make any changes, we’ll update this post to let you know! 


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