We’ve updated the badges for the Seller Community!

Hello everyone!


When we first launched the Seller Community in 2016, we created badges that display on the member card popup to highlight milestones of participation and membership in the Seller Community. Check out the screenshot below for badges that our newest Australian community moderator @Arie has earned so far for best answers and posts in her first couple of months on the job:


Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.49.00 pm.png

These badges aren't intended for Square staff though! They exist mainly to reflect the help sellers are able to provide each other via our Community. The more you respond, like posts and create threads, the more badges you earn. The more you mark helpful content with likes and best answers, the more shiny bling other users will earn for their posts!


This week we've more than doubled the number of badges on the Seller Community. We also swapped the colours used with some badges, so you may see some slight changes to those you earned already.





Do you agree with a post or find it helpful? Hit the like button on the post!


Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.01.40 pm.png

Does a post answer your question or solve your problem? Don't be shy about pressing that "Mark as Best Answer Button"!


Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 3.03.31 pm.png

Not only does this give kudos to the original post and help them earn badges, but it also gives increased visibility to posts when sellers visit our community looking for answers!


What's more, I have a small surprise in store for the first three Australian Square Sellers to make it to 100 replies (without gaming the system 🙃). Send me a DM once you've earned this badge to claim a very minor reward. I'll come back and edit this space once all three have been claimed!

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